Drop Connect WiFi System

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Additional DROP Connect Information

DROP hub accessories graphic

DROP Hub and Remote

This state-of-the-art smart water monitor is the heart and brain of the DROP Connect smart water monitoring system. It integrates with all your residential water treatment devices. DROP Softeners and Filters require a DROP Hub to function. The DROP Remote shows the status of your DROP system at a glance and allows you to conveniently turn your water supply on or off. The Remote also extends the range of the DROP Link mesh network.

DROP placement locations Map

DROP Leak Detectors

Place DROP Leak Detectors under sinks and dishwashers, behind toilets or washing machines, near your water heater, or anywhere that water might leak or collect. If a leak or freezing temperature is detected, the Leak Detector will have the HyroBlue WiFi Water Softener turn off your water.

The Benefits of Soft Water

In The Kitchen

Dish Sparkler:
Soft conditioned water helps eliminate streaks and spots on your glassware and dishes, leaving them shiny and making them last longer.

In The Bathroom

Body Refresher:
Bring conditioned water to your bath to shower and you will find a refreshing difference. Wash cleaner, faster, and without soap build-up on your skin. You'll come away more relaxed and refreshed than ever before.

Hair Pamperer:
A soft water shampooing revives hair color, making it more radiant and silkier, and easier to manage.

Face Saver:
Say good-bye to razor burns as your razor glides smoothly over your softer face.

In The Laundry Room

Soap & Money Saver:
Hard water impairs the ability of cleaners to do their job. Conditioned water delivers greater washing power, and reduces soap consumption by over 75%.

Clothes are Cleaner and Brighter
Clothes last longer, come out fresher, cleaner, and softer while preserving their original colors.

Soft water benefits pictures

For the Whole House

Hot Water Guard
Conditioned water adds longer life to your water heater by minimizing the scale build-up created by hard water deposits. Saves you money as less energy will be required (17% to 21%) to heat water in tanks without scale build-up.

Pipe Protector
Over a period of time, scale forms to clog your plumbing. As pipes clog, water flow is restricted and water pressure may be reduced. A water conditioning system minimizes this headache.

Faucet and Fixture Preserver
Hard water scale corrodes and plugs valves in water-using appliances. All bathroom fixtures benefit from conditioned water. There will be no more unsightly rings, stains, or mineral build-up to darken your porcelain or your day. Soft water saves you money.

Stain Eliminator
Washing floors, tile, and woodwork go much easier and faster with conditioned water because it eliminates the film and soap scum that hard water causes.